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BASKETBALL TRICK SHOTS is a 30-minute DVD by Tim Nolan, a professional juggler and basketball entertainer. Tim Nolan lives in Norfolk, Virginia and holds the Guinness world record for bounce-juggling 11 balls. The trick shot DVD contains close to 250 shots such as THE TRIPLE BOUNCE IN, OVER THE HOUSE, THE FULL COURT BOUNCE IN, THE RICOCHET OVER THE BACKBOARD, THE BALCONY KICK IN, OVERHEAD HALFCOURT SHOT, shots with 3, 4 and 5 balls, and many more. The DVD sells for $14.99 plus $3.00 shipping and is usually available on ebay. Many shots are posted on (keywords: Tim Nolan) Also, you can send a check or m/o to the PO Box to get the DVD. Make check payable to Tim Nolan. Also, you can use the BUY NOW button.

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TIM NOLAN can be reached at The mailing address is PO BOX 11656, Norfolk, VA 23517.

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